November 2016 marks our 3rd community exposure in medical school. During this time we are setting up the lists of activities to be done. One of which is the coordination with different government departments, political leaders, municipal health officer and of course our very own community people. Exhausting as it seems, but the after work accomplishment tops our hard work. We were able to see progress in every activities and able to be more united with the people. with the different activities, small or big, made an impact on the community. The people felt that somebody cared and that they are important. This to me, means a lot. Extending our hand to help a community does not come in just a day. it goes with immersing oneself with them, getting to know them, and most importantly listening to their needs and opinions that most people neglect. Having this chance is a treasure worth keeping and like a treasure, it must be held with care. I care for these people that I care for the different activities we plan. We make sure that our activities will soon serve the community people, because when the time comes that our group will finally leave this place, we can say that we are successful by caring for this people and not just to accomplish one of the tasks required in becoming a doctor. Now, I understood the schools purpose of community exposure.

-Kim Lim


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