A Scent of Hope

Ever since when I was a child, I’ve been dreaming of becoming a doctor, like any other little boy my perception of a doctor is someone who wears that great white coat and like a superhero who’s always there willing to help other people, but now while taking my first step towards achieving it, everything has changed, my perception of a doctor widens and it became more interesting and much challenging. At first, all I thought is that when l will enter Medical school I will be focusing more on academics, it will be all about medical sciences and medical skills and practices, but here in Ateneo de Zamboanga University- School of Medicine, it was far different than any other medical school that I know, because here, we will not just learn how to become one of the best physician in the country but they’re going to train us on how to deal with the people, to be with the people and how to touch their lives, and all of this through on what they call it our “Community Exposure”.

To be honest my first day was not that good, it was a day full of worries, what if this happen, what if that happens?, I am not that certain on what will be like in our community exposure, because I really find it difficult to be with other people, to live with my classmates in a roof and to do things around them who I don’t even know much. So as the days goes by I’ve learned to adapt, to deal with my classmates and to know more about them. On our first two days we spend our time on getting to know each other, eat together, talk with each other and sleep like brothers and sisters and that all happened at Venus, Sergio Osmenia. Yes, we were assigned at the Municipal Sergio Osmenia, and luckily I’ve been part of the Team MediSinai where I found my new family away from home, which composed of none other than: an Imam & food keen inspector Sulayman “Mans” Tahsin; a born competitive yet down to earth achiever sister Fatima Ayessa Erika “Ayeh” Ingkoh ; a small but terrible cute little sister Charlene “Chai” Valdez, a beauty queen & a Dora d’ explorer sister Christine “Tin” Juaton;  a strict ate & a KC Concepcion look alike sister Marie Kimberly Dorothy “Kim” Lim; a good dancer with a superpower memory Jayvalika “Jayva” Garcia; a gamer who is a typically Chinese boy brother Denzel Erick “Denz” Lim and of course this family won’t be that happier if I’m not there, how am I going to describe myself?… hmmmn,, maybe I’ll just live a blank space for you to describe me:______________________________________Aizhar “Zhar” Karay.

So far so good, my experience in our first community exposure was not that dramatic, but rather it was a super dramatic exposure for me, why? It’s because during that time I’ve been through a lot of difficulties, a lot of challenges wherein I doubt my capabilities for I failed all of my exams in our first semester. Even though how hard I’ve tried to convince myself that everything will be ok, there will always be that moment that you need to share what you really feel and what’s within your heart in order for you to cope up with it. Fortunately I have my MediSinai family who help me to overcome my sadness and supported me emotionally, so I stood up and accept the reality that all I need is to do my best and believe in every possibilities.

I’ve learned a lot of things while staying in our community, you can really see how simple life does the people have there in Sinai, how they live harmoniously even most of them do not have the luxury in life, they still remain contented in everything that they have. An also It really amaze me the beauty of nature here in Sinai, so refreshing and so relaxing, especially when you hear the humming of the birds, the sound of nature when the wind blows, and the beauty of the dark night with shining stars glimmering through my eyes. Like what I’ve said, I really appreciate the fact that our ADZU-SOM made this community exposure as part of our curriculum, for they gave us the opportunity to know how to live with the people, to be with the people and to serve the people in every simple way that we can be.

What I believe is that we are not here to change them, their cultures, traditions and practices, but we are here to empower them, to promote a Peaceful, Progressive and a Healthy way of living. Everything is possible if we work hand in hand, because we believe that the hope is coming, as we fly high, Team MediSinai.

-Aizhar Karay


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