Back and forth? More like back and fourth.

This exposure is our 4th at Sinai, thus the title.

Lots of plans have been ironed out. Many activities were supposed to be done for this fourth exposure. However, it has been cut short to two weeks due to the martial law declaration in Mindanao after the Marawi incident.

However, it is still a joy to be back. Our stay was cut short, yes. But the memories with the people of Sinai only adds up every single time. As part of our implementation, our focus for this exposure on the Malnutrition problem on the barangay continues.

Among our activities to address this problem include:

  1. Malnutrition Masterlist Update
  2. Malnutrition Spotmap Update
  3. Establishment of the Barangay Nutrition Action Team
  4. Creation and turnover of growth monitoring cards for mothers with children 0-71 months old
  5. Coordination with the Regional Nutrition Council for Pabasa sa Nutrisyon
  6. Coordination with the Department of Agriculture for creation of communal gardens per purok

Hopefully, when the group comes back, we could catch up with our supposed schedule. Whatever happens though, I am really happy to be of help to others in these little ways.

It’s always a joy. It’s always a privilege. Until the next one, I say again.

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