CHP on SWM: near completion

Our project for solid waste management is near completion as indicated by the results in our most recent survey.

House-to-house survey conducted in the month of January 2018 shows:

1) 94% of households are segregating their solid wastes, a great improvement from 50% in year 2016. Goal is 80%.

2) 67% of households utilize municipal garbage collection from 24% in 2016. Goal is 75%.

3) 50% of households have compost pits from 6% in 2016. Goal is 60%.

4) 66% of households practice proper solid waste disposal from 51% in 2016. Goal is 80%.


The Sinai group can’t take the full credit for these changes rather the community should be the one to be recognized in this achievement and of course it can’t be done without the help of MENRO and the barangay council.

One of the biggest contributions in this milestone is the strict implementation of R.A. 9003 by MENRO as well as the barangay council. The people are required to abide with this law and whoever transgresses there is corresponding penalty and even imprisonment.


The group is very thankful for these two working bodies, MENRO and barangay council, for the success of the project.

                In the 5th community exposure, we collaborated with MENRO and barangay council and participated in the clean-up drive program of the community. This was a nice event and very inspiring. Every purok of the barangay had its representative in this project and we help hand in hand to clean the streets, canals, river side, school and others. At the end of the day, we collected 30 sacks of solid wastes, the highest collection in the municipal according to the MENRO.


To maintain this status, we have to strengthen the knowledge and persuade the people to give importance to proper solid waste management. The group did an information campaign for this. We have a house-to-house health teaching that emphasizes the importance of solid waste management in regards to health. This is to convince them that the strict implantation of R.A. 9003 is for their own good and for the community in general. This law is not intended to give difficulty to them but rather to improve the quality of life.




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