Identification of Hypertensive Individuals

SAM_2596.JPGfor our Strategy:  Identification of Hypertensive Individuals, we did the following activities.

  1. Core Group Meeting. A meeting was made with core group members: Jocelyn Flores, Myrna Butanas, Meilyn Intong and Lilian Paje who are assigned to puroks Mangga, Porungan, Kalobian and Mahogany respectively. A one-on-one meeting was also made with another core group member, , who is assigned at purok Kalobian. We discussed the proposed projects of MediSinai for hypertension and ask for their suggestions as well. 
  2. BP training with Barangay Health Worker (BHW), Jocelyn Flores. Aside from being part of the core group of Barangay Hypertension Team (Team BaHy), ma’am Jocelyn Flores is also Sinai’s only BHW.  We discussed how to improve detection of hypertensive individuals and how to refer cases to municipal health center and municipal hospital.
  3. BP training on selected core group members. A return demo was made to ensure proper BP taking from core group members.


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