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something different 🌸

My next blog entry is somehow different from my previous blogs. I made a story that will creatively illustrate what are our goals and mission for our community service in Sinai, Sergio Osmeña. I hope you will enjoy reading it!

“Once upon a time, there were 8 student doctors namely
Manz, chai, denz, kim, zhar, jayv, aye and tine… from the city who went to a far far far away land for a mission. A mission that embodied their soul when they entered the school of love and passion, ADZU-SOM

Nobody in the village know them, all they know is thta they are the bringer of hope.

For so long the villagers are suffering from…..
– Rabies
– Hypertension
– Malnutrition
– Poor immunization
– Poor solid waste management

At first the 8 student doctors are lost and doubtful of their capabilities..

Luckily they stubbled upon a fairy god mother who lives in a cave at the back of their beloved abode. Stumb

They call her fairy mercy, for she is all giving and patient at them.

The fairy showed them around and even introduced them to the villagers.

In order to give them extra powers and happiness, Fairy mercy showed them the way to the armored shop that sells magical ukay ukay at a very cheap price.

The 8 student doctors are filled with happiness when they wear their newly washed clothes. They felt confident that they can accomplish their task and that they are very much willing to try.

Dutchess Dorothy of Sta. Maria and Dutchess Ayesha of Talon Talon love children so much that’s why they focus on giving the children a bright future by helping them maintain an ideal weight for they believe the children are the hope of the future. They conducted feedings for the young and classes for the mothers. They inspired much of the villagers that’s why they were able to recruit leaders to help them monitor the village when they will be back to the city.

To combat low immunization rate the eight students doctors joined together, reaching every ends of the village in search of an incomplete or non-immunized child. Once a poorly immunized child is found, they give them doses following the catch up immunization protocol.

The dutchess of anti-hypertension – dutchess Jayvalikka of Nuñez and dutchess Christine of Ayala fought against hypertension by showing the villagers how to do a magical dance for healthy lifestyle they call it the Zumbabalumpa. They also showed them how to measure their blood pressure by the use of a magical sphygmomanometer and showed them the importance of proper exercise and diet.

Magical creatures roam about every where in the village. Luckily Prince Aizhar of Sulu and Princess Charmaine of Sto. niño are both skilled with the ability to talk with animals. Together they emphasized the importance of keeping their cats and dogs in their respective houses and giving them boosts of anti-rabies vaccine to overcome the madness brought about by the Wizard of Rabies.

The duke of Basilan : Sulaiman and the duke of Tetuan : Denzel Erick are more concerned about the infestation of flies and pests brought about by mountains of trashes everywhere. They called their dear friend from a nearby land, a friend they called MENRO, who is a master of this issue together they’ve created MRFs and taught the villagers the importance of waste segregation to combat lies and diseases.

4 exposures had passed
So much progress has been made
This is just the beginning of a beautiful story
A beautiful story that will inspire and teach us the value of caring
A story that will last a lifetime

More adventure awaits..
To be continued”

“a simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple” – Pushkar Saraf

Did you like the story? If you do make sure to leave a comment down below, and if you don’t comment down below why. Thank you so much and God bless!


– missTinne 🌸


Solid waste management and Public Health

Waste is usually sought by ordinary people as a simple problem. This misleading concept of people is one of the reasons that this problem became a major dilemma in today’s environment as well as health of the public. It becomes apparent as years passed by that improper solid waste management is a major determinant of health and progress and also one of the difficult problems to be addressed in any place. It is difficult because the solution of the problem lies in the discipline and individual’s attributes  which is very hard to change. Change must come from within. There must be willingness from oneself and from every individual of the community in order to address this problem, not merely making laws and ordinances.

How important is waste management in public health? Infectious diseases in the early history such leprosy and the recent diseases such as tuberculosis give us evidences to its importance. Prior to the discovery of medication of these infectious diseases, there was already decrease in the morbidity and mortality as the general sanitation of the community and way of living had improved. As social scientists and public health experts put into words, we don’t need a lot of antibiotic and other medications to improve the state of health of the people, we just need to improve their living condition. In any public health planning, solid waste must be included in order it to be successful and have a greater impact in the community.

Regardless of the context, managing solid waste is one of biggest challenges of the urban and rural areas of all sizes, from mega-cities to the small towns and large villages. It is almost always in the top five of the most challenging problems for city and provincial managers. It is somewhat strange that it receives so little attention compared to other urban or rural management issues. The quality of waste management services is a good indicator of a municipality’s governance. The way in which waste is produced and discarded gives us a key insight into how people live. In fact if a municipality is dirty, the local administration may be considered ineffective or its residents may be accused of littering.

Usual observation is that the municipalities spend a substantial proportion of their available recurrent budget on solid waste management. There must be a great effort from stakeholders of the community to give emphasis on this and persuade the people of authorities not to take it lightly.

Good thing in the municipality of Sergio Osmena, there is a local unit known as MENRO  to oversee the solid waste management. They are mandated to implement R.A. 9003 or also known as Ecological Waste Management Act of 2000. With the partnership of ADZU-SOM students, barangay council, MENRO and other key persons in the community, we are hopeful to address this issue appropriately and efficiently.

A Scent of Hope

Ever since when I was a child, I’ve been dreaming of becoming a doctor, like any other little boy my perception of a doctor is someone who wears that great white coat and like a superhero who’s always there willing to help other people, but now while taking my first step towards achieving it, everything has changed, my perception of a doctor widens and it became more interesting and much challenging. At first, all I thought is that when l will enter Medical school I will be focusing more on academics, it will be all about medical sciences and medical skills and practices, but here in Ateneo de Zamboanga University- School of Medicine, it was far different than any other medical school that I know, because here, we will not just learn how to become one of the best physician in the country but they’re going to train us on how to deal with the people, to be with the people and how to touch their lives, and all of this through on what they call it our “Community Exposure”.

To be honest my first day was not that good, it was a day full of worries, what if this happen, what if that happens?, I am not that certain on what will be like in our community exposure, because I really find it difficult to be with other people, to live with my classmates in a roof and to do things around them who I don’t even know much. So as the days goes by I’ve learned to adapt, to deal with my classmates and to know more about them. On our first two days we spend our time on getting to know each other, eat together, talk with each other and sleep like brothers and sisters and that all happened at Venus, Sergio Osmenia. Yes, we were assigned at the Municipal Sergio Osmenia, and luckily I’ve been part of the Team MediSinai where I found my new family away from home, which composed of none other than: an Imam & food keen inspector Sulayman “Mans” Tahsin; a born competitive yet down to earth achiever sister Fatima Ayessa Erika “Ayeh” Ingkoh ; a small but terrible cute little sister Charlene “Chai” Valdez, a beauty queen & a Dora d’ explorer sister Christine “Tin” Juaton;  a strict ate & a KC Concepcion look alike sister Marie Kimberly Dorothy “Kim” Lim; a good dancer with a superpower memory Jayvalika “Jayva” Garcia; a gamer who is a typically Chinese boy brother Denzel Erick “Denz” Lim and of course this family won’t be that happier if I’m not there, how am I going to describe myself?… hmmmn,, maybe I’ll just live a blank space for you to describe me:______________________________________Aizhar “Zhar” Karay.

So far so good, my experience in our first community exposure was not that dramatic, but rather it was a super dramatic exposure for me, why? It’s because during that time I’ve been through a lot of difficulties, a lot of challenges wherein I doubt my capabilities for I failed all of my exams in our first semester. Even though how hard I’ve tried to convince myself that everything will be ok, there will always be that moment that you need to share what you really feel and what’s within your heart in order for you to cope up with it. Fortunately I have my MediSinai family who help me to overcome my sadness and supported me emotionally, so I stood up and accept the reality that all I need is to do my best and believe in every possibilities.

I’ve learned a lot of things while staying in our community, you can really see how simple life does the people have there in Sinai, how they live harmoniously even most of them do not have the luxury in life, they still remain contented in everything that they have. An also It really amaze me the beauty of nature here in Sinai, so refreshing and so relaxing, especially when you hear the humming of the birds, the sound of nature when the wind blows, and the beauty of the dark night with shining stars glimmering through my eyes. Like what I’ve said, I really appreciate the fact that our ADZU-SOM made this community exposure as part of our curriculum, for they gave us the opportunity to know how to live with the people, to be with the people and to serve the people in every simple way that we can be.

What I believe is that we are not here to change them, their cultures, traditions and practices, but we are here to empower them, to promote a Peaceful, Progressive and a Healthy way of living. Everything is possible if we work hand in hand, because we believe that the hope is coming, as we fly high, Team MediSinai.

-Aizhar Karay

November 2016 marks our 3rd community exposure in medical school. During this time we are setting up the lists of activities to be done. One of which is the coordination with different government departments, political leaders, municipal health officer and of course our very own community people. Exhausting as it seems, but the after work accomplishment tops our hard work. We were able to see progress in every activities and able to be more united with the people. with the different activities, small or big, made an impact on the community. The people felt that somebody cared and that they are important. This to me, means a lot. Extending our hand to help a community does not come in just a day. it goes with immersing oneself with them, getting to know them, and most importantly listening to their needs and opinions that most people neglect. Having this chance is a treasure worth keeping and like a treasure, it must be held with care. I care for these people that I care for the different activities we plan. We make sure that our activities will soon serve the community people, because when the time comes that our group will finally leave this place, we can say that we are successful by caring for this people and not just to accomplish one of the tasks required in becoming a doctor. Now, I understood the schools purpose of community exposure.

-Kim Lim