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Another life-changing experience

Hello! Thank you for visiting our site and for clicking my post. It is my first time to finally make a serious entry regarding some of my experience in our barangay.  I hope that you will enjoy reading it, just like I enjoyed every moment of it.

Barangay Sinai is one of the recently established barangays in Sergio Osmeñia municipality, Zamboanga del Norte. It has four puroks. It is mainly inhabited by the Subanen and Visayan tribe.

During our first week, we relaxed and talked as usual. We did not have a survey tool yet upon arrival here at Barangay Sinai. When we got a copy of our survey tool, we were not contented about it. We feel that the questions were just superficial and that it will not provide optimum solutions for the problems of our barangay. We kept on revising and revising our work.

When we thought that we already have our final survey tool, one of my groupmates suggested that we should do pilot testing. I never knew about pilot testing until she told us about it. We decided to do pilot testing with three houses at the same time practicing the visayan language and observing how to do each survey (such as getting the height, weight, blood pressure, etc). After our pilot testing, we revised our survey tool once more. So, for the whole first week- majority of our time, we just make our survey tool, while the other groups are busy with their house to house survey already.

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One-of-a-kind Sinai

Sinai is an outlying barangay situated at the municipality of Sergio Osmena, one of 39 barangays belonging to the partly urban areas in the province of Zamboanga del Norte in Western Mindanao. It has a laidback pace of life, with a very small population of roughly 29,453 only as of May 1, 2010, practically everyone knows each other. Majority of barangay Sinai’s population are of Visayan and Subanen ethnicity, the main dialect spoken by the locals is bisaya.

Peace and order is not much of a problem given the demographics of Sinai. Since the current barangay captain – Hon. Pedro Habagat was appointed, there have been 0 crime rates recorded within the vicinity of barangay Sinai.

It’s geographical profile is located high above sea level, hence, its cool/temperate weather almost all year round is attributed to this. Livelihood is mostly agriculture. As for health services, barangay Sinai can be regarded as still developing. One of Barangay Sinai’s major contribution t o the municipality is its water supply, which is abundant. Its lush green forest and its view is a sight to behold.

A picturesque beauty tucked away in the country’s remote areas. The biodiversity of Sinai is in harmony with its inhabitants, it holds the potential of being great in many ways, untapped and undistributed, it is one of a kind.

Christine M. Juaton

Batch 2020

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