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What Lies Beneath

I still can’t fathom the fact that we’re already back in this city. As I recall all the experiences we had, the laughter and tears we’ve shared, I can’t help but wish for time to rewind everything, and that when I open my eyes, I would be back at Sinai, away from all the stressors brought about by the fast pace of living in the city. Back there in Sinai, everything was easy, you get to appreciate all the simple things in life, I would always say.

It seemed really scary at first! Come to think of it, you get to live with seven people whom you barely know, (even I and my closest friends back in high school never had a chance like this!) back then I only knew their names, not their stories. I remembered the Freud’s Iceberg theory from one of our large group sessions with Dr. Halili, where only few (overt) aspects are visible in every person, what lies beneath are layers and layers of secrets which are deeply hidden from others (covert), and you get to decide how much of this hidden aspect you would want to reveal to others. Just thinking about all these things makes it creepier! You’ll get to be with them 24/7, 7 days a week for a month, and twice a year! These people, whether you like it or not will be with you until you finish medical school. I remember those times when I prayed to our Almighty Father to gracefully send me somebody who would be my best friend here in med school and that He would send me to a group (for our community immersion) whom I can get along with.

With all the stressors, hardships and not to mention the mind-blowing exams, we all need at least one good friend whom we can share our stories to, who will always be there for you no matter what, someone who would be happy in your successes and a shoulder to cry on when your at your lowest. God is so gracious indeed! For I only asked for one but He gave me seven! God certainly knows what’s best for us. I never would have thought that I would know them better during our first community exposure at Sinai, Sergio Osmena. All my doubts and fears are swept away when we finally went to Sinai. Day after day, I knew them better, the ice berg which was only partly visible to them became much more prominent. As we knew each other’s stories, we have learned to love and accept each other’s uniqueness as well as our flaws and differences.

What makes this exposure great are these people, our never-ending laugh trips and MMK moments are truly unforgettable, they will surely remain in my long-term memory. Despite the hardships that we have to deal with daily and the chores that almost all of us are not accustomed to (we even worry about our next meal!), I would say that life gets easier with these people around me. Right now, I don’t see them as friends for they are already my family, and together, hand-in-hand, we would make Sinai a better place.

Charlene Mae L.H. Valdez

Batch 2020

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