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Beyond the ordinary, finding a family

Never thought I would experience a lot of unforgettable moments just in a short span here in Sinai. That one month we shared was truly irreplaceable. I never knew we would be bonded with each other this much. You see, each one of us was unique and striking in our own way. We all had different traits and personalities that you’d think we wouldn’t work out, but we eventually did. In a very fast pace if I add.

The first time we arrived there, we were really prepared for the worst. But to our convenience, the house was actually a pretty sweet place to stay. The community there is really helping us out, making considerations and accommodating for us. They were pleasant and lovely really. They even adjusted the house a bit just to give us a comfy stay. The house was so neat, we joked about it saying we’re in “PBB (Pinoy Big Brother)” and that the cameras (box-shaped things on some corners of the ceilings) are watching so we had to act nice and friendly to get ourselves some votes. Every time we did any generous and selfless acts of kindness, we always looked at the cameras and smiled. We even have our own “made-up couples” having its gimmicks and we say that our fans already screenshot our photos and uploaded it on the internet. And all the time we kept laughing over and over as the minutes passes by. We tease each other, make fun of ourselves, and help in whatever way we can. These guys really know how to have fun, but it’s not all about the fun stuff too. When one of us gets hurt, we try to talk about it after we eat our meal. One of us would act as a judge and they take turns talking to one another. Even when that happens we still throw in some jokes, you know, just to break the ice. But at the end of the day, we still go to bed sleeping with smiles on our faces.

It’s not all about the fun stuff. Sometimes we get serious as well; to the point where we even have our own “MMK” Session. Each one of us willingly (forced) shares what we’d like to share about ourselves. Although it may seem too personal and it may be a little bit hard to share bits of our lives to these newly-met friends, that’s just how things work. If we didn’t get personal that time, maybe we wouldn’t be as close as we are today. You see, each one of us is unique and wonderful in our own way. Although it’s been only a month, we got to know each other a lot. And even if we had different traits, personalities, as the moments pass by we found something that was somewhat familiar and not so different to all of us. And it grew to proportions I couldn’t even think we could actually have that kind of relationship. What we found was love. It has only been a month, and even if it seems that we know a lot from each other already, we’re still getting to know each other better and it doesn’t really stop. Even with our differences, we still try to really connect with each other. Knowing what this one likes, what that one doesn’t like, and all those things that most of the time we keep it locked up here in our head. If you’d ask me what I experienced in Sinai, well I can’t really say it. Words are beautiful, really. They help me express these things, but sometimes words just aren’t enough. Never thought I would experience all of these with each other. Seems like we found each other along the path we walked. The bond we shared is truly irreplaceable. You see, we became a family.

I can’t wait to spend the next days with them, side by side trying to do what we can for the people in Sinai. After all the efforts that the Captain and all of them gave just to make us feel secure and comfy, you just can’t help but have the urge to help them even more. I can’t wait. I feel really excited for the upcoming days that are going to add up to my unforgettable moments and treasured memories with these seven extraordinary people along with Sinai.

Denzel Erick S. Lim

Batch 2020

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