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Sinai: Bringing back memories

Sinai is a good land of good people. Its beautiful ambiance in sunset reminds me of the time 18 years ago. The air is cold and fresh that makes you reminisce your footsteps in the past and the wind blows gracefully that make you say Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah and ya Allah I thank You.

Yes, the time when a small boy with his white cloak and head garment briskly walked and passed by people, always wondering who he is. Every time the people see the boy, he is with his pen, paper and lamp (there was no electricity).

In his town, after every salah (prayer) there will always be an Islamic lecture given by a very eloquent sheikh. This gathering constantly reminds the people that this worldly life is not ours and not our possession. Worldly life is just temporary. No one will be infinite and immortal in this life.  What’s ours is the hereafter. A wise man upon hearing this makes all things that he could to make good deeds in this world.

The wise words of this gathering become the blood and flesh of the young boy. He becomes indoctrinated by this proses especially the Prophet Muhammad’s, peace be upon him, good tidings “be merciful to the creation on earth and you will be loved by who is in the heaven.”

And now, I’m thankful that Allah gives me the chance to show mercy and love to the creation especially to the humankind that includes the people of Sinai. These people are worthy of serving.

What amazed me the most is they have the best life if happiness is the basis of having a good life. They have simple life. They wake up at 5am and then drink coffee for their breakfast. After that, they will go to their farm and work, taking lunch as their only break for the day. And at 5pm they will go home. They go to sleep at 7am after taking dinner, no television, entertainment and whatsoever. What is amazing here is they always smile, at the sunset as well as at the sunrise, which means they know how to be happy in a simple life.

To be happy is the goal of life according to philosophers. And one of the signs of being happy is you smile. And smiling in any circumstances means you attained the best life. Blessed are the people of Sinai having this luxury of contentment in the heart and a peace of mind.

I ask Allah that He will give me the strength, knowledge and skills to make something good to this people as a medical doctor and as a friend.

This is not possible, after the will of Allah, without the help of the Ateneo de Zamboanga – School of Medicine. The school gave a rare opportunity to a son of a farmer to become a medical doctor. He did not imagined that he can study medicine, having his difficulty in life. And insha Allah, the school will not regret giving their trust to this no-name man.

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