Sergio Osmeña has a total population of 29,453 as of May 1, 2010.  According to the 2010 census of the National Statistics Office, Sinai has a population of 888, comprising 0.3% of the municipal’s total population.

The barangay is composed of 175 households, 106 of which are indigent families. Moreover, 160 families are enrolled in PhilHealth.  As of January 2015, there are 18 under-one and 113 under-five children in the barangay.  Eighty (80) senior citizens, composed of 43 males and 37 females, make up 9% of Sinai’s population.

Sociocultural Profile

There are various ethnic groups in Sinai, with majority (75%) of its constituents being Visayan while the remaining 25% being Subanen (Lumad). There are also various religious groups, majority of which are Christians.  This includes Roman Catholic, Alliance, Ambassador Baptist, Southern Baptist, Bible Baptist, Iglesia ni Cristo, Greece, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pinili na Nacion, and Seventh Day Adventist.  This is then followed by the “Puting Bato”, and the Muslims being the minority.

Local Social Services

Barangay Sinai has its own watershed that provides clean water for bathing, cooking and drinking within the community.  Their electricity is supplied by Zamboanga del Norte Electric Cooperative (ZANECO) from Dipolog City.

The main mode of transportation within the municipality is “habal-habal” – a single motorcycle that usually accommodates two to three passengers.  Sergio Osmeña also has access to neighbouring cities and municipalities via public bus since it has its own bus terminal.

Economic Profile/Tourism

Most of the income of the people in Sinai comes from farming – sayote, banana, camote, cassava and mangosteen.  Most farmed animals are pigs, goats, chickens, cows and horses.  They sell their crops and animals during the market day which is every Sunday, either in the “Bagsakan” or in front of their houses.  Some people are also employed in the government or private organizations while others have their own businesses like a “sari-sari” store, a barter at the market place, a barbecue stand and others.

Barangay Sinai is also known for the Butanas Resort that is situated at Purok Porungan, half a kilometre away from the national highway.  It is accessible by walking or by riding a habal-habal.  It has 3 different pools with different depths – two feet, four feet and six feet.

It also features two of Sergio Osmeña’s rivers, Layawan in Purok Porungan and Sebulan in Purok Mangga. Sinai also has a waterfall named Busay connecting to the Layawan River.


Barangay Sinai has a day care center located in Purok Mahogany.  On the other hand, the elementary school in Purok Porungan offers pre-school and primary education.  Secondary education is available at Poblacion Bajo. However, tertiary education is only available outside Sergio Osmeña.


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