Back and forth? More like back and fourth.

This exposure is our 4th at Sinai, thus the title.

Lots of plans have been ironed out. Many activities were supposed to be done for this fourth exposure. However, it has been cut short to two weeks due to the martial law declaration in Mindanao after the Marawi incident.

However, it is still a joy to be back. Our stay was cut short, yes. But the memories with the people of Sinai only adds up every single time. As part of our implementation, our focus for this exposure on the Malnutrition problem on the barangay continues.

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Bulletin Board Making

October 30, 2015

Just days after coming home to Zamboanga City, we face another task at hand: the making of our community bulletin board. This is a requirement every after community exposure. This aims to introduce our barangay to the readers and subsequently display the activities we conducted during the said exposure.

The team used the barangay’s foundation history as a concept for the bulletin board. Since Sinai is situated at the foot of a mountain, we created a mountain with different layers to reveal the barangay’s information.

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